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About Us

Welcome To E-Desibazaar

E desi bazaar is an initiative for meeting aspiration and needs for women entrepreneurs (SHG, Artisans and Microentrepreneurs). This startup at e desi bazaar leverages technology for showcasing products manufactured / trade / sold by women entrepreneurs (SHG), Artisans and Microentrepreneurs. They can even showcase their services reflecting their creative potential.

E desi bazaar is an open marketplace wherein it promotes access to information and transparency. Relevant information on sellers, goods, and services shall be easy to find and readily available for users. E desi bazaar provide data based insights to help users in decision-making and ascertaining price reasonability. This unique e-platform will strengthen the socio-economic empowerment of women. One of the platform’s key objectives is to allow sellers (SHG, Artisans and Microentrepreneurs), big and small, to gain direct access to buyers. In doing so, all sellers (SHG, Artisans and Microentrepreneurs) shall be treated fairly and E desi bazaar will not offer promotional treatment to one seller (SHG, Artisans and Microentrepreneurs) over the other. E desi bazaar will support the intentions behind the preferential market access policies and ensure that all sellers (SHG, Artisans and Microentrepreneurs) are provided with a level playing field. This will ensure the health and competitiveness of the marketplace.

E desi bazaar promote inclusiveness, which means that all buyers and sellers (SHG, Artisans and Microentrepreneurs) shall be accepted on the platform. E desi bazaar aspire to create a robust seller base and all sellers (SHG, Artisans and Microentrepreneurs) interested in conducting business shall be welcomed on the platform.

About E- Desibazaar
E- Desibazaar Vision


E desi bazaar act as a catalyst by providing a web based marketing platform to the women entrepreneurs to directly sell to the buyers, and act to affect an evolution in public procurement promoting a transparent, efficient and inclusive marketplace.

E- Desibazaar Vision
E- Desibazaar Mission
E- Desibazaar Mission


  • Establish a lean, dynamic organization capable of continuous innovation and market driven decision making.
  • Institute a unified procurement policy to encourage behavioral change and drive reform.
  • Demonstrate commitment to delivering value by ensuring right quality at right price.
  • Build an easy to use, fully automated platform to ensure transparency and efficiency in procurement.

"E desi bazaar support 'Make in India' through online marketing platform through Commitment, Responsiveness, Ownership and Accountability, Transparency and Integrity."